Beyond Ordinary: The Versatility of Safety Glass Walls in Modern Architecture

Beyond Ordinary: The Versatility of Safety Glass Walls in Modern Architecture

Safety glass walls are an increasingly popular remodeling project for homes with solid exteriors. But homeowners must be aware that glass is not structural and should meet strict building codes to keep occupants safe.

Laminated glass is the most common type of safety glass. It is made by bonding a resin and plastic between multiple sheets of glass to make it virtually unbreakable.

Customizable Tempered Glass Walls

Achieve a more open and welcoming design with tempered glass walls. Create a clear barrier with tempered glass room dividers and doors while maintaining privacy, or install tempered glass shelves to showcase your collectibles in style. Tempered glass walls are also a smart solution for separating home gyms and wine cellars from main living spaces without sacrificing natural light or view.

Tempered glass (also known as safety or toughened glass) is four times sturdier than regular glass and able to stand up to harsh impacts and even the worst weather conditions. The tempering process strengthens the glass by creating a bond between the outer layers of the glass and the internal layer. This creates a tension force that keeps the inner layer from breaking and deters thieves from trying to break into stores through the glass windows.

However, it is important to note that tempered glass is not unbreakable and cannot prevent motivated intruders. For enhanced security, you should consider a laminated glass wall that features two or more layers of strong glass with an interlayer that holds the individual glass panes together and offers a high level of resistance to forced entry. Laminated glass is a popular option for storefronts and can be made to mimic a traditional or modern architectural design.

Tempered Glass Feature Walls

Glass walls are popular in commercial office spaces as room dividers, conference walls and entryways. They also add visual interest to kitchens, bathrooms and modern living spaces in residential homes. Clear glass panels resist staining and are easy to clean and sanitize. Glass wall partitions are available in framed and frameless styles. Various types of glass are used, including tempered glazing and acrylic sheeting like Plexiglas.

Tempered glass is an engineered type of glazing that, when impacted or broken, crumbles into small safe granular fragments rather than splintering into jagged shards. The process of tempering increases the strength compared to regular annealed glass. Safety glass is often required by building codes when glazed surfaces are close to walking areas or floor level.

For remote homes surrounded by luscious forests or lookout vistas, outdoor glass walls offer a unique opportunity to optimize the view while keeping interior spaces connected to nature. But securing such exterior glass walls requires more than just a standard slider. NanaWall Systems’ tamper-resistant system features multipoint locking and structural posts to prevent attempts to open or lift the doors. These security upgrades improve safety and help meet forced-entry testing requirements at accredited labs. This provides peace of mind when you enjoy your remote cabin, cottage or vacation home.

Tempered Glass Facade Walls

Often used for commercial buildings and other non-load-bearing facades, tempered glass curtain walls are a modern style that is both functional and eye-pleasing. They are a unique way to add a distinctive feature to any building design.

They consist of large units that are assembled and glazed in the factory before being shipped to the construction site for installation. This frameless system allows for maximum transparency and features countersunk point-supported fittings that flexibly rotate to support the facade. The force supporting structure system that supports the glass can be made from glass ribs, steel structures, stainless steel pull bar or cables.

Tempered glass curtain walls can also be insulated to reduce energy costs and improve sound insulation. Low-E insulated tempered glass is an ideal choice for commercial office spaces to create a comfortable workspace that fosters productivity and employee wellbeing.

Safety tempered glass curtain walls are manufactured with heat-treated borosilicate for increased strength. This type of glass blocks the entry of fire and reduces thermal expansion to prevent damage to other parts of the building. It is suitable for windows, shower rooms and changing areas in public buildings as well as office partitions. It also offers excellent impact resistance and can withstand severe weather conditions such as rain and wind.






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